Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GI Joe, weapons of mass destruction & the Bible?

     Okay so I'm now teaching the young adults class for Sunday school. Quit laughing. Hey, this was Gods doing so hush! He has a plan. He's not omniscient for nothing. My lesson this week is one that I had to stop and shake my head over. The lesson title "The Pressure of Words", lesson point "Fuel your words with wisdom and gentleness" my summary "Words are powerful, they build and destroy. Your words should glorify God, not destroy as satan."

 I know,

I hear ya,

Yes I'm teaching this!
    Think about it though. Who better to tell you how to protect your house from burglars than an expert ex-burglar. The man who taught us self-defense went to criminals to find out what they looked for in a target to know what to guard against. As I link myself with criminals to qualify myself for this lesson, . . . who better to teach on the power of the tongue then one who has abused that power.

     So the lesson is all of James 3. My study starts off with the question: "When does your mouth get you into trouble?" They're joking right? Um every time I open it! OK truth is not so much anymore but there was a time that that would have been not only the correct answer but the only answer. It ends with "Your tongue determines the direction of your life and the quality of your relationships." In the middle all of it I have this. Some of us were born to wield swords/words some of us not so much. I'm a talker, plain and simple. I do think this is how God created me HOWEVER he did not create me to wield my sword/words recklessly. I have an awesome weapon. I have skill in using it. With all great weapons comes great responsibilities. I have the choice to make, to use my weapon for good or evil, I can't use it for both. I can't praise God with my lips and then curse man with those same lips. I did, I do, I realize it, I work daily at changing that. I'm human, sinful, bent in this direction. Until Christ. Not just until finding Christ but until FOLLOWING Christ. So yes sometimes I'm a little careless with my sword/words and I nick those that are within reach but knowing is half the battle (yes I did just drop a GI Joe in there).

Knowing Christ.

Knowing my strength.

Knowing my weakness.

Knowing He gave me (and you) the owners manual on how to use our sword/words.

**Just a little something. Notice that the only difference between sword and words is where the s is?? Maybe that's where the S as in Son is? Just a thought.

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