Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fearful Mothers Create Fearful Children

     I had a great time this past weekend at an Extraordinary Women Conference! There were many great speakers who made many GREAT points leaving me with MANY thoughts. But one comment stuck with me but not in the way she probably intended. Her comment was Fearful mothers create fearful children. I couldn't help but think about this past weeks FCATS and some kids were really fretting about them because their moms were. Me, I wasn't nor have ever acted worried about my kids taking them. I've prayed they did well but before them nothing but full confidence. Because of this they have NEVER worried about them either. I know some parents who freak out about these things and their children are nervous wrecks the entire time.

     So yes "Fearful Mothers create Fearful Children" which in turn leads me to believe
 courageous mothers create courageous children, faithful mothers / faithful children,
truthful mothers / truthful children, church attending mothers/church attending children, bible reading mothers/bible reading children, Christ following mothers / Christ following children.

     BUT what do deceitful mothers create? How about lost mothers? Unrepentant mothers? Hateful mothers? Yelling mothers? Rude mothers? Abusive mothers?

     This is what had me thinking what kind of mother am I? What kind of children do I want to raise?  As I watch my oldest children grow and interact with the youngest (she's 6 & 9 yrs younger then them) I'm beginning to see what kind of mother I have been and what kind of children I've raised thus far. Me, I have a little work to do. I need to work on being more like my Heavenly Father so maybe I can do my part in helping my children become more Christ like.

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