Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breaking heart's & Breaking free

              I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His and this is what He has been laying on my heart lately. Human trafficking. This is the slightly PC term for it but the stripped down truth is it's women stolen, sold, bought, degraded, drugged, used till they are lucky enough to die, granting them temporary freedom from this life only to be chained to an eternal life in a worse hell.
     We like to think as a country we abolished slavery in the 1860's but we never did. Slavery has been apart of this world since the fall of Adam and Eve. It started with them falling into slavery with sin and continues today with girls sold into slavery of sin. Through out history there have been slaves, Israelites, Hebrews, Irish, the poor, Africans, and now, always, since the beginning, women, girls, sisters, daughters. We don't talk about it. It's not proper dinner conversation. It's ugly, scary, disgusting, unheard of. Out of sight out of mind. Until it's your 13 year old daughter that has been stolen, sold, used, broken. We don't think it happens here. Not in this great and mighty nation we live in. How does it happen anywhere? Our world is so much better then it's ever been. It happens, here, there, everywhere.
     I'm a realist. I don't think I or we can abolish slavery before Jesus returns. I don't think it will be abolished until God sets up His kingdom here after the tribulation. BUT I do think that if I can educate one person, break one more heart for what breaks Gods, save ONE girl in the name of JESUS, then I have abolished slavery in ONE life. When I look at my daughters, when I pray for their future, I pray for innocence, walks, husbands, marriages. I pray they enjoy these things. Now I pray for the daughters that have lost these things, I pray for renewing, rebirthing in the cleansing power of shed blood.

A friends niece runs this website that is committed to making people aware of human trafficking.

A Holy Experience introduced me to this website that makes and sells items saving one soul at a time by offering jobs to those they can save.

     This Christmas while your trying to find that perfect gift and spend your money wisely how about one of these great gifts for your person and at the same time give a daughter freedom for hell in this lifetime and eternal life through Jesus. Is He not the reason for the season.