Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas With No Santa?

     My kids were watching a show on t.v. the other night and everybody was freaking out because Santa had disappeared.

     Can you please tell me when did Santa replace Jesus?????????????????????????

Many of you are thinking "There is nothing wrong with Santa." "My children believed in Santa and they are just fine." Your right, in general there is nothing wrong with Santa, and my oldest two believed in Santa also till they were in about 3rd grade (the youngest is only 3 she doesn't count!). My dilemma is Why? Why do we want to add anyone or anything to this time of year when as a Christian the entire reason I celebrate this season to begin with is giving thanks for God's blessings (Thanksgiving) and to give thanks for His ultimate blessing, the birth of His Son Jesus Christ. We complain about the "commercialism" of Christmas but aren't I just as guilty by letting anything into my heart and home besides Jesus?

     I get that Santa has roots in Christmas, good roots, giving roots but he is not the ultimate gift giver. God is. So why would we want to let him share God's glory? Isn't that what we're doing? If we celebrate Santa along side the baby Jesus aren't we letting the jolly ole fat man share in the glory of our Lord and Father, our Jehovah-Jireh, God our provider? He is the root of Christmas. He is the giver of Christ. He is the giver of our salvation. He is the giver of our lives, our breath, the blood that flows in our veins. He is the giver of His Son. He is the giver of His Son's death and the soul cleansing blood that flowed from His veins.

     Instead of "Christmas without Santa?" shouldn't we be asking "Is there a Christmas without God and His Son Jesus?"
    Don't worry I've not fallen off the deep end. My children will be getting Christmas presents but not from Santa. Partly because they no longer believe in him and partly because we fully believe in Him. .

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