Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh My Gosh!!! Watch That Potty!!!

Now that Brylee is potty trained we have a plethora of funny potty stories. I try not to share too many of these but today's story was over the top funny!
     We went to lunch at Ryan's today and of course B needed to use the bathroom. She thinks she has to use the bathroom at every place we go! So we go to the restroom and it has a self flushing potty. Those of you that know B  know she's scared of these ever since the one at Walmart flushed while she was still sitting on it.  FYI a great friend told me to put a post it note on the sensor. I didn't have that post it note today! So at Ryan's it flushed on her. Again. She flies of the potty screaming "Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! (Pointing at the toilet and throwing her arms out wide) Did you see that? Oh My Gosh! OMGOsh! What that potty do?! OMGosh!!
     I on the other hand was laughing so hard I almost fell over! After I got control of myself I told B to wait because I needed to use the restroom. ( you have to watch her, she'll open the door on you!) She then warns me " You be careful mom, Oh My Gosh! Be careful! Watch that potty! Oh My Gosh!Watch it!!"
    Now you know Brylee is not a quiet child so this whole conversations was extremely LOUD! She was squealing every single word! (She gets that from Dean!) I know people were standing there laughing at this. The looks we got when we walked out of the restroom were interesting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mousecapades & Hee-Haw

     Today's blog isn't a sweet inspirational word from our Lord. Nope instead it's a peek into the craziness that I call my life! Have you ever had one of those days that at the end of it your laying in bed looking up to the Lord and in your head (cause if it was out loud your husband would know your crazier then he originally thought) you ask God "Did today have a purpose or was it simply for entertainment value?" I'm starting to think that when they need a good laugh in heaven they simply turn to our channel and watch my family unfold like an episode of Hee-Haw!
   Yesterday started as any other day, Brylee running around like a crazy person, me yelling like a banshee at Jenna and Parker. By the way those two are now doing their own laundry. I am finished digging out or washing clean clothes that they are to lazy to put away so they throw them back into the dirty clothes because "Hey mom will never notice!".  REALLY!!! Sorry chased a rabbit! All in all it was a fairly good day. Clean a little, read a little, clean a little, read a little, wash some dishes (dishwasher thinks it might kill over but I'm going with cpr there) cruising through what is turning out to be a drama free day when Brylee strikes!
    Just a FYI nothing gets permanent marker off walls. That's right folks PURPLE permanent marker all over her wall and her sheets. S--I--G--H--!!!!! Brylee's defense, " I draw you a petty picture momma!" So we wash bedding and hang it out on the line cause Dean still hasn't changed the belt in my dryer yet and it still sounds like "womp, womp, womp"! The rest of the night  we deal with the normal B stuff, jumping into the crib and landing face first on a hard toy, breaking into Parker's room and playing with the scissors, empty our own potty spilling pee EVERYWHERE. Ya know typical B, until I go to bed. Now it gets interesting. (Really did you just go there!)
   I go to my bathroom to pee before bed and don't turn on the light. (Rabbit) I ALWAYS turn on the light. I have this fear of a snake being in the toilet. I saw it in a movie once and happen to know someone that this happened to. Could you imagine a real snake coming out of the toilet while your using it?!!! But I was tired and just wanted to pee and go to bed. I sit down and hear a scratching sound. No there's nothing in the toilet BUT a mouse fell into the tub next to me. Scared the daylights out of me. I jump up with my pj pants around my ankles fall into the door wake up Dean trying not to squeal like a little girl and wake the kids. Telling him there is something big in the tub! That's when he told me it was a little mouse.  We live on a hobby farm with fields all around there is no avoiding mice. Now I ask you this what good is it to have 5 stupid cats running around this joint if they're not killing mice?!! I then tell him I don't want to know how he disposes of it just to handle it! I hide under the blankets, covering my ears and humming to myself so I won't know a thing! We're going with the hear no, speak no, see no motto here. Don't ask, don't tell! Now I'm laying in bed thinking it was a easy day right up until the very end.  I imagine my Father setting on His thrown looking down and thinking "Now that was an entertaining way to end My day!"