Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty from Ashes.

    Have you ever had a day that by all accounts should have been a horrible day but was really great? Well that was my yesterday.
    I spent the day attending a funeral service for a dear friends sister. This alone should have made for a painful day. But let me say I have never felt the Holy Spirit at any other funeral as strongly as I did at this service. This was not a funeral service this was a beautiful testimony to one woman who loved the Lord so fully that all who knew her were blinded by the Light of Christ. I listened to person after person pay tribute to her sweet love of our Lord and all others she has ever met. I was abundantly blessed to be given the opportunity to witness such an all powerful love.
     Then to top off my day I get to the ball park only to have Jenna get SMACKED in the mouth with a softball, knocking out her front tooth. Now here is where my God shows me more of His unfailing love! We were whisked into the ER and into a room within an hour. They put her tooth back quickly and eased her pain. A wonderful friend called her sister-in-law and she knew the oral surgeon on call. Who called us at the ER bypassing all the red tape and came right in to fix her up. Let me say the ER doctor who was very nice looked at us like "who are you?". While waiting on the Dr. Dean (the oral) the ER doctor came to see Jenna apologizing for hurting her and making sure she understood that he didn't have a choice he had to get the tooth back in. He was very sweet and kind to her. Because everything moved so quickly she has an 85% chance of it re-rooting and all being ok. Now Dr. Dean, I can't say enough about this man. He was a huge blessing. He put Jenna at ease, comforted her and earned her trust within moments. He raises cattle and has a few miniature horses. Well at the mention of horses he had her! Dr. Dean gave us his cell number telling us if Jenna wakes with any pain or has any problems to call him. This is the most amazing part, are you ready? We were in and out of the ER in 3 hrs. That's right I said 3 hrs. Now let me tell you that my friend was a God thing!
     Jenna unfortunately had to miss her Tallahassee field trip today. That hurt and she wasn't happy but God lined it up so that WarHorse came in on netflix so she had something to watch. All in all she's doing good. Thanks to my Lord lining everything up just so she will be fine and should keep her tooth.
     Oh and I have to say I have been OVERWHELMED by the out pouring of love and prayers for us. We are so blessed to have a church family that interceded so fully for us. The prayers that were layed at the throne for us still awe me. Thank you.
     So at the end of a very trying and heartbreaking day I was able to lay my head down and know that He was in control. He literally gave be a beautiful day from a day of ashes. Where some would have counted it as the worst day ever. I count it as being so abundantly blessed I felt overwhelmed by His gracious love and spirit. I had a blessed day. I can only pray everyday is as spirit filled as yesterday was.

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  1. Great post on how God watches over us and goes before us! AMEN! Bless sweet Jenna! Send her love and hugs from the Taylors!