Monday, March 26, 2012

Fingerprints and Blessings

I'm hearing a lot these days about luck and karma. Then I'm hearing a lot of "Christians shouldn't talk about luck or karma they're blessings ". So I thought about adding my two cents in and throw a challenge at ya at the same time!
 As a Christian I don't really believe in luck or karma but I do believe that others need a way to explain the fingerprints (thanks Sara) God leaves on us and for us every moment of every day. Think about it if you don't have a real personal relationship with God, if you don't know what He looks like, how His touch feels how can you pick out His touch on you in your life? If you don't know you have to explain it to yourself somehow, hence luck, karma, and whatever else you want to call it. I don't think its wrong but its just not quite right!
  So I realized earlier today I say " blah blah blah that was lucky, or I was lucky." No I don't really believe in luck, and yes I know I'm blessed. Yet every time I say luck instead I feel as though I'm stealing something from God. I never thought about that until today. I almost stepped on some glass shards and said "Oh I was lucky I didn't step on that." and thought STOP lets pull the rabbits foot out of this and call a blessing a blessing. So I repeated it out loud " Oh I was blessed that I didn't step on that." It changes things. Calling a blessing a blessing makes it a real blessing. Now my thought is every time something happens instead of saying "that was lucky" saying "that was a blessing or whew I was blessed!" Maybe, just maybe if I do this I'll be taking off my blinders and see not only where God leaves His fingerprints but how many fingerprints He leaves on my daily life and possibly  His whole hand too.