Monday, January 9, 2012

Being a bad parent made me a Good one!

I'm sitting at the table while my daughter competed in a spelling bee today and halfway through I realized I was an awful parent.
 She stood up there nervous as could be, spelling with everything she was worth and it hit me, I didn't lift her up to God before hand.
 I didn't pray for the Holy Spirit to descend upon her and ease her soul. I failed to pray for the peace that she deserved that only comes from God.
 Then I realized wow maybe I am a good parent after all. I didn't have the best examples growing up but I have the only example needed to grow mine up.
 Today I felt like a failure because I didn't pray for my girl. Not because I hit her, yelled at her, degraded her, neglected her, beat her, or forgot her but I forgot to pray for her.
I'm amazed how things change and how God changes all things.