Monday, November 7, 2011

Hurts, my most valued possesions

While doing a Bible study by Beth Moore she said something that really ricocheted off in my head. Her comment was about hurts that have been in trusted to us. Wow let me tell you that said something to me. I know that God is not the giver of pain or heartache. I know that He doesn't "cause" bad things to happen to us and the things that happen are "Father filtered". But I never looked at my hurts as something so valuable that God in trusted them to me. How does one find value in pain? When I think about things being in trusted to us I think about children, wealth, power, riches, gold, jewels, all things people prize. Things we want to keep safe. No one prizes physical, sexual, verbal abuse, loss, rape or addiction. Yet when we look through the eyes of Jesus to all the things that have been Father filtered in our lives we can see how very valuable these hurts are. Those that haven't offered up the hurts in their lives to God for His glory might not get this. You might be one of those people asking "Who wants to walk across the coals of life?". Well the answer is me, I do. When I look at my hurts through the eyes of Jesus I see how very valuable they are. I wouldn't trade a single hurt for their weight in gold. These valued possessions have given me my children, paid for extras in the name and service of Jesus, overpowered the gates of hell, made me rich in wisdom, purified me beyond the purist gold and gave new meaning to being blinged out. So yeah, you can have my money, house, gold and jewels but don't touch my past hurts they were in trusted to me for God's glory and that shines brighter then any diamond!