Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Victory in Jesus

So many of us thank God for what he has done, "Thank you Lord for my promotion, for this new home..." .But deep down in our secret hiding places are we fully thanking God? How often do we give God the glory for winning the war but not the battles. We say things like "By Gods grace I survived --- so I could share this message with you today." did you catch that "I survived so I could share". Not "Gods grace pulled me through so HE could use me to share ...". It might sound the same and you might think it has the same meaning but one uses God as the instrument and one God uses you as the instrument. We forget we are HIS instrument to bring others to HIM.

On Sunday's our preacher often prays for God to hide him behind the cross so we will see only Gods message to us not his deliverance of it. Yet after church we shake his hand and say "Great sermon, you did really well today." or something similar. I've never thought to tell him "Thanks for being Gods instrument "He" blessed me with a wonderful message today." We have been greatly blessed with an awesome preacher, but every aspect about him that allows him to deliver a powerful, touching sermon is God given. His personality~God, skill of public speaking~God, ability to capture attention~ God, knowledge~God, all God. Now don't get me wrong I feel he not only knows this but acknowledges this as well. My question is do you know this? Do you realize that NOTHING you have, do or accomplish is through you. God brought you into this world and God gave you His only Son so you could join HIM when you leave it. He, He, He. Not me, me, me.

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