Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whose your Elisabeth!

I was talking to a wonderful friend the other day and giving her the run down on our devotional from our "Sisterhood Supper". I was explaining how I believe that its okay to turn to your friends when things are bothering you. We're suppose to, its our group therapy! Throughout the bible women gathered together to discuss their days, problems, children, and husbands. We're social creatures and share our lives, its how we were created. The bible is an example to us about this. Look at Ruth and Naomi, Mary and Elisabeth, Lois and Eunice. Even the Samaritan woman went out and shared the truth about Jesus after meeting him.
Today I want to think about Mary and Elisabeth. I got to tell you, I think that was a friendship forged and strengthened by fire. Mary and Elisabeth were cousins so you have to know that Elisabeth knew all the questions going around about Mary's pregnancy. If you look at her situation in today's society you can get a good idea about what Mary might have suffered. I'm guessing the family didn't just say "Oh hey its all okay!". She was probably shunned, ignored, not invited to sit with the other woman and help in the daily chores. Unlike Joseph they wouldn't have understood that she was carrying our Lord Jesus Christ. No angels appeared to them to make her life any easier. Imagine not having ANYONE to talk too. Wow no thank you. I talk way too much to not at least have others pretend to listen! Poor Joseph. If that would have been me I would have been talking my husbands head off!! As it is Dean will say " Honey its bedtime PLEASE go to sleep!" and that's AFTER I've been around friends to share my day with! Then to be pregnant with no one to turn to. How scary that would have been. Today you can't walk through the store without someone telling you some little bit of knowledge about your pregnancy. Imagine how scarred she would have been. Pregnant, new family, new husband, and all alone.
We learn that thank you God, Mary had Elisabeth. Oh what a great comfort they were to each other. One who was pitied for not being able to have children the other shunned for already being with child. Elisabeth was so much more to Mary than just a cousin and friend she was her go to girl, her mentor. Her mother in essence. When Mary married Joseph she left her family to join his. Then his family most likely shunned her, leaving her with no one. Elisabeth believed her, loved her, and gave her the support and caring she need to carry Jesus.
So I ask who's your Elisabeth? If you can't answer this question and feel good knowing that she will carry you and support you even when your shunned, then join us for our next "Sisterhood Supper" we have a lot of Elisabeth's. We love to share!

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