Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jesus and whack-a-mole?

A friend of mine revealed to me that she was praying for refinement in her life. This got me thinking. Scary I know but hey there ya go! I realized that asking God to refine you and show you the sin in your life is a very brave thing to do. Its also like playing whack-a-mole! You know the game. The one at Chucky Cheese's, you have this mallet and every time the mole raises its head you whack it. Let me just tell you I'm horrible at this game. I'm just not quick enough, I'm always a step behind! Now Jesus on the other hand, He is King of the whack-a-mole/sin game! He not only whacks sin every time but He can stay a step ahead of it! When we come to a place in our walk with Christ and are ready to truly give our sin over to be washed in the blood, God will reveal our sin to us. He brings it for front in our lives so that you not only see it but realize it for the sin that is. Its like knowing you've gained a few pounds but you don't really admit it till your pants don't fit! Now we can hand over the mallet and let Jesus whack the sin in our lives. Here's the tricky part of the game. Once you have whacked-a-sin another will rear its ugly head. Its a never ending game because we are never ending sinners. Let me just say I'm very glad that Jesus is the King of the whack-a-sin game!

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