Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is trusting, forgeting?

Alright so it wasn't the next day that I got back to this. Life has been a little crazy and it took me a few! Well here's the question of the day...Is trusting again after you have been hurt the same as forgetting? The topic at hand is forgive and forget. That's the saying and what so many think their suppose to do but struggle with. Well let me go ahead and relieve a little burden for you. Your not God. Therefore you can't forgive and forget. He can, when we ask for forgiveness and repent, our sins are covered under the blood. No longer seen by God. They are as far as the east is from the west. He sets them aside and sees them no more. Again I reiterate your not God. We are to strive to be Christ like. So we work toward an understanding of the wrong that hurt us and give forgiveness. We then rebuild the trust that was broken. Once something has been broke its never the same again. Sometimes it no longer works right, only does the job half as good as before. Sometimes it works again but its just not pretty. Sometimes all we want to do is sweep it into the garbage. BUT you can't Jesus didn't sweep you into the garbage. So you grab the superglue and work the puzzle back together. Sometimes when something is broke and then repaired it strengthens it. Its never the same as it once was but it can be stronger. Our trust in others is that way. We have to work at fixing it. Its never the same again but it can still be good maybe even stronger too. In the back of our minds we'll always remember that our trust was broken. That's okay. It keeps us from having it broke again the same way as before. Its only when you dwell on it, ya know keep the pressure on the cracks that it can never function again.

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