Sunday, January 30, 2011

THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to take a few and share with you how awesome and awe inspiring my Lord is. I am not a celebrity follower kinda person. I have met authors that I admire, musicians that I listen to, a football star and our very own local boxer, but I'm not the kind that gets star struck. At EWomen last year I found that I envied the speakers for their lives. Not their celebrity, money, or travel but their relationship with Jesus. They seemed to have this completely holy, uplifting righteous relationship with Him that I was in awe of. I remember thinking wow I want that. I mean I had a relationship with God but we weren't best friends. We were more like really really good acquaintances, maybe just friends but He wasn't really part of my inner circle. He was not my go to Guy. I didn't go to him when I was mad, when little things were falling apart, or for EVERY decision I made. I just went for the biggies, you know when I was desperate. I didn't praise his name with all my heart or cry out with my whole burden. I just gave him the surface.
Since then God has made a few changes in my life. Through his conviction I've given up things that were keeping me from Him, and put him TRULY first. I now can say I feel like Beth Moore and Angela Thomas!! Okay maybe not just like them but woo hoo its close!!! God has blessed me with so many things in my life right now! Working with so many of you on Women's Ministry has just blessed me so much that I almost feel guilty for this overwhelming fullness of the Holy Spirit that its crazy! I now get it, the go tell it on the mountain high so many talk about! I want all of my friends to have this! To know My God in such a personal and profound way. I was trying to explain it to my husband the other day and could only say that I have found a level of "Jesusness!!!" that I didn't know before! You like that didn't you! I know some of you are thinking "What is she talking about "Jesusness" that makes no sense." Well those of you who speak "Angela" you get it don't you! There's just a deeper level to my relationship with God that didn't exist before. Now I'm overwhelmed with the blessings He has bestowed upon me, with the trust He is placing in me to do His will and His work. Its humbling. With this new responsibility though has come new freedoms. Tonight I raised my hands, praised my God with what is only in His ears a joyful noise and didn't care one bit who was around. I simply let the Holy Spirit free to praise my God. Tonight I no longer cared, considered or even thought about others as I worshiped. I must say if freeing! I also watch others do the same and thought that if we all let go of us and simply gave God His reign what an awe inspiring, awesome experience that would be.

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