Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Building Honor

Been mulling over my earlier post about honoring my parents. I think God has granted me a little bit of insight on this today. To recap I don't or haven't always honored in thought one of my parents and God is working with me on this issue so heres todays glimpse of understanding. I have to blog this cause tomorrow I might lose it!

Its kinda like the president, we don't have to like everything about them but we have to honor the posistion. I honor the fact that my parent gave me life, raised me, did the best that they knew how to do by me. I don't have to like their choices or even respect and honor those choices. I do have to respect and honor the position. I have to give this parent the same consideration I give my past abusers. They have a past. That said past has shaped who they are and the choices they have made. For the good or bad its there. I don't have to submit myself to them. I'm now an adult and a parent myself but without them I simply wouldn't be who I am today.

I told my brother the other day that we have to look at our parents and the mistakes they made with us so we don't make them with our children ( we get to make new ones!!). How else do we learn. We try so very hard to keep our children from making our mistakes yet we sometimes repeat our parents. The writer of yesterdays devotional made it a point to open her self, kids, and home to her parents. Well truth be told more power to her! Thats not always fesible for all of us BUT we can open our hearts to them. I dont have to let my parent have free range with my children, I don't have to go to their house, invite them to every occasion. I do need to pray for them. Open my heart and mind to them. Know that God is in control and if He can remove this acorn VERY far from the tree than he can strip the tree down and renew its growth. I don't have to be there physically for that to happen but I do need to be there spiritually.

How can I know that Gods grace saved me and not believe that it can save them.

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