Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm at Winn Dixie doing a little last minute grocery shopping with a few hundred other people and Jenna. When she tosses out "Hey mom we need a birthday cake". I'm thinking what is she talking about now? I look over and ask why and she says its Christmas. Bless her heart she totally read the look on my face (confusion, lack of sleep after a last minute sleepover) and said " ya know Christmas mom, Jesus's birthday..." I looked at the sweet face on my darling first born child and knew without a doubt that I was totally getting played! After much back and forth I caved. I mean come on everyone should have a birthday cake for their birthday and Jesus ranks a whole lot higher than the rest of us! Plus I can think of no better reason to eat cake! We make it over to the bakery and I'm thinking maybe we'll have them write on it for us, when lo and behold they have a Jesus cake!! Baby Jesus in the manger on the cake. Let me tell you Winn Dixie just shoot up a whole lot in my book. I have always felt that you must choose where you spend your money not based on just their prices and products but on how they do business. We don't shop at Home Depot because of their unconditional support of homosexuality. Well we will shop at Winn Dixie more because of their open faith. I trust that if I spend my money at a place that supports my Lord and Savior than if it cost a little more He will more than make up the difference.

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  1. After we get home she tells me they use a lamb as the only animal on the cake because Jesus is the Lamb. Some days I'm in awe of my children.