Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Camping Adventure

This weekend was the family camp for Boy Scouts at Lake Ochee. Our family and about 200 of our closet friends decided to head out an "rough it"! Now when we camp we do anything but rough it. We take our tents, air mattress,(I don't sleep on the ground) heater, very comfy chairs and of course stoves and grills. Life was so rough for us that Dean had to eat steak and eggs for breakfast one morning, and cherry cobbler for dessert. Ladies encase you didn't know this is the weekend the men usually do the cooking!

Here's a couple of shots of our set ups and Adam trying to get his
morning jolt of caffeine

Notice the little building behind Susan? That is the bathroom or latrine actually with a trough type sink. Don't worry I found REAL bathrooms with flushing toilets and hot water! Its a camp secret that they don't tell you!

Brylee is taking it easy while Adam works on breakfast.

Dean and Brylee are enjoying a afternoon nap! They had a busy day of leather stamping, fishing, hiking around and of course pumpkin carving!

Parker working on his master piece!

Zack and Wesley worked hard on their pumpkins while Jenna was thinking about her design. Even Lottie joined in on the fun!

Susan, Chase and Jackson getting ready to work on their pumpkins.

Jackson picked out the headless horseman for his design, then left it for Susan to do. Being the great friend that I am I stayed behind and helped her finish.(Don't worry I didn't all of a sudden become nice I figure this was worth at least one or two sleep overs!) Let me tell you this had to be the hardest stinking thing we did all weekend! I simply love Jug (Jackson) but after working for about an hour WITH a broken knife on this stupid thing he was not my favorite little boy! (just kidding I still adore him) Susan and I both carved with a sad little broken knife( we wrapped the broken part in paper to hold it) but when it was finished it was very cool!

Trick or Treat! Brylee is a fan of both.

All in all we had a great weekend. I use to think that some people just weren't cut out for camping then I heard someone make the comment that if you don't like camping its because you've never been. Well I like his outlook! I have a dear friend that thinks camping is living like homeless people. Well just let me say I don't know any homeless who live like this! Yes its a lot of hard work, the packing, preparing, setting up, breaking down, unpacking and washing, but its more fun. Its good friends, great memories and things my children will remember for a lifetime. This isn't about me and the work that I do to go camping, its about my children and the memories they are making.

When I was a little girl we took Disney vacations and all of that kind of stuff but my best memories are camping with my family. Whether it was the beach, river or lake we always had a great time. No rush, crowd or time schedules to keep. No one worried about how much money we have spent, just good clean unplugged fun! It was family time at its best.
Now camping might not be for everyone but I think everyone should at least try it once in their lifetime. How do you know you don't like it if you don't try it? Isn't that what we tell our children! Besides if you don't like it well then you did something wrong! Give me a call and we'll go camping the right way.


  1. Love It! The picture of the jailhouse shank is the best. By the way, you forgot to mention Chad's Halloween did know that he put packets of relish and mayonnaise in almost every child's bag (along with the candy of course)!

  2. I completly forgot about that! I laughed so hard when he did that. I heard one kid walking off say " I got relish? Who gave me relish?"

  3. Love the blog! It was a great time wasn't it? Even with the night terror man, snoring, "tooting", we had a blast! We went home dirty and tired, but happy:) The food and company couldn't be beat! We can't wait for Spring Fam Camp...maybe you could make some more cake pops!