Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad Camo?

Last week I was asked to step in and teach the 7th and 8th grade girls Sunday school class. Of course I said yes. I mean come on who tells Candy M no? Certainly not me! Well little did Candy or myself know that it was all part of Gods will. The lesson was about temptation. Luke 4 1-13 this was a struggle for me at the time. (I didn't even know it) For some reason we are always amazed when God does his "God thing"! Why is this? Its not like He doesn't create miracles everyday, every minute, every second. Any who, reading is my biggest temptation. Those of you who know me know that I ALWAYS have a book on hand. Well the Lord has convicted me of what I read( this part was obvious to me). Lets just say some of the books simply were not spiritually uplifting. So I culled my collection. This was fairly easy because it was obvious. Saturday I was reading a clean uplifting christian book and the devil still reached his goal with me. I wasn't reviewing my lesson. Now my lesson was on temptation, and I had looked at it and made a half hinnie effort into earlier but yesterday as I truly sat down with it I realized that yes I do face the same temptations as Jesus and going about it completely backwards! This is a every day occurrence in my life which is why I didn't catch it right off! Its easy to spot the big temptations, the one we know straight up are from the enemy but its the little ones camouflaged as "Christ like" are the ones that bite you in the butt. See the enemy was using something Godly to get me to further his work. Our enemy did this same thing to Jesus in Luke 4 when he misquoted Gods word. No where in the rule book does it say satan fights fair, but it does tell us how to bust him at cheating and still win. So today as I sat down with some of my most favorite teens I taught us all that by simply rebuking the enemy and putting on the armour of God Almighty we too can resist temptation. Its not easy to resist, come on if it was I would still be a size 2 and have much more to show for my money earned. But by praying for Gods strength, wisdom and power we too can fast in the wilderness for 40 days and trust only in Gods word.

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