Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Cake Pops!!

Everybody that knows me(and likes me anyway!) knows I'm a cupcake kinda girl. I love cupcakes. They're perfect, just the right amount of cake with a LOAD of icing. (the cake is just there to hold up the icing) You eat them with your hands, no need for a fork or plate and they're just so stinking pretty! Well I found another love to add to my kitchen. The Cake Pop.

The other day at a birthday party a friend of mine tells me of this great new thing that's all over the place... Cake Pops. Its cake on a stick. I'm thinking wow this sounds very cool. I mean how can you go wrong, everything is great on a stick. Why not cake too? So I come home look it up and try it. Well the cake pop is not what it seems. It looks easy and it pretty much is BUT whoa its a lot of work! More time consuming than anything. This was my first go around with them and I will definitely do it again, just only for special occasions! I think though that its worth it! They taste soo yummy and are so so so cute!
For those of you who are thinking " They kinda look like oranges?" Shut up! They're pumpkins darn it!

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