Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peer Presure!

I have been neglecting my blog because, well I'm just not a devoted blogger yet! I was peer presured in to starting this thing by someone whom I won't name. I will say that she is the Childrens Minister at HBC and is married to our preacher! You would think a good christian woman such as herself wouldn't peer presure unsuspecting time depreived people such as myself but you would be wrong! I'm still trying to figure out how to keep this thing up! Between all three kids, school, cheerleading, dance, boyscouts, dinner and laudry its crazy! If you look you will notice the last time I updated this stupid thing was in FEBRUARY! Sad I know but there you go. Now my peer presure'er she has all the time in the world! Just kidding! The woman must have some serious time management skills! I think she stays busier than I do.
Now all joking aside I love her dearly and I'm going to try to be a better blogger just for her! Sara when my kids come to Kids Klub hungry its because I blogged instead of cooking dinner. Oh and please nobody say a thing about their dirty clothes! Thanks I knew I could count on you guys. Just so you all understand I will NOT put my reading aside though. The house can go to pot and dishes can pile up in the sink but I have to keep up on my reading!


  1. LOVE IT! Now that you have primed the pump, I can't wait to see what blogs are back piled and waiting to flow from your creative juices. You know we as moms, are the 'keepers of the memories'! Have fun with it and check out blog2book or blurb. Two really cool ways to slurp your memories from your blog into a real book. I am in the middle of trying to print our first one now!

  2. Sara let me just say you amaze me!