Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm at Winn Dixie doing a little last minute grocery shopping with a few hundred other people and Jenna. When she tosses out "Hey mom we need a birthday cake". I'm thinking what is she talking about now? I look over and ask why and she says its Christmas. Bless her heart she totally read the look on my face (confusion, lack of sleep after a last minute sleepover) and said " ya know Christmas mom, Jesus's birthday..." I looked at the sweet face on my darling first born child and knew without a doubt that I was totally getting played! After much back and forth I caved. I mean come on everyone should have a birthday cake for their birthday and Jesus ranks a whole lot higher than the rest of us! Plus I can think of no better reason to eat cake! We make it over to the bakery and I'm thinking maybe we'll have them write on it for us, when lo and behold they have a Jesus cake!! Baby Jesus in the manger on the cake. Let me tell you Winn Dixie just shoot up a whole lot in my book. I have always felt that you must choose where you spend your money not based on just their prices and products but on how they do business. We don't shop at Home Depot because of their unconditional support of homosexuality. Well we will shop at Winn Dixie more because of their open faith. I trust that if I spend my money at a place that supports my Lord and Savior than if it cost a little more He will more than make up the difference.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My growing missionary.

This summer the Holy Spirit started working on Parkers heart. He was learning the music for VBS with his class and started crying. Well if you know my son then you know the first thing any of us said was, "Lord have mercy! What is it now?" Parker is a sensitive soul to say the least! He feels thing deeper than others and some days I feel overwhelmed by this and not in a good way. On this day though I was touched by his emotion and shamed for my first reaction. He told his teacher that it was the song that made him cry. "It made me sad." he said. He felt the Holy Spirit calling to him and being sensitive to things, he felt overwhelmed by his emotion.
I'm happy to say that a few months later Parker talked with Mrs. Sara and asked the Lord into his heart and followed in Believers Baptism. As a mother and a christian I have only felt this much love, gratitude and joy once before in my life and that was when Jenna was saved.

Last night during our Sunday night service we watched the Lottie Moon video (this is the Southern Baptist missions offering). I looked over and saw my son crying. I asked him what was wrong and his answer had me in tears. "Mom, I just don't like watching these videos. They make me sad." he said. I felt overwhelmed with emotion in such a joyous way. I realized then that my Lord has such great plans for my son. Every time I get aggravated about his sensitivity I will remember that he is perfectly made by his Father, just the way He wanted him to be. That what I feel is him be overly sensitive is what God knows is just what he needs to further His kingdom and do His work. Sometimes its hard to remember that what we might perceive as faults are sometimes pieces of perfection that God the Father himself knitted together for the specific purpose of doing His will.
Thank You Lord Jesus for reminding me to close my mouth, and open my eyes to see Your work, my ears to hear Your word and my heart to know Your will.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad Camo?

Last week I was asked to step in and teach the 7th and 8th grade girls Sunday school class. Of course I said yes. I mean come on who tells Candy M no? Certainly not me! Well little did Candy or myself know that it was all part of Gods will. The lesson was about temptation. Luke 4 1-13 this was a struggle for me at the time. (I didn't even know it) For some reason we are always amazed when God does his "God thing"! Why is this? Its not like He doesn't create miracles everyday, every minute, every second. Any who, reading is my biggest temptation. Those of you who know me know that I ALWAYS have a book on hand. Well the Lord has convicted me of what I read( this part was obvious to me). Lets just say some of the books simply were not spiritually uplifting. So I culled my collection. This was fairly easy because it was obvious. Saturday I was reading a clean uplifting christian book and the devil still reached his goal with me. I wasn't reviewing my lesson. Now my lesson was on temptation, and I had looked at it and made a half hinnie effort into earlier but yesterday as I truly sat down with it I realized that yes I do face the same temptations as Jesus and going about it completely backwards! This is a every day occurrence in my life which is why I didn't catch it right off! Its easy to spot the big temptations, the one we know straight up are from the enemy but its the little ones camouflaged as "Christ like" are the ones that bite you in the butt. See the enemy was using something Godly to get me to further his work. Our enemy did this same thing to Jesus in Luke 4 when he misquoted Gods word. No where in the rule book does it say satan fights fair, but it does tell us how to bust him at cheating and still win. So today as I sat down with some of my most favorite teens I taught us all that by simply rebuking the enemy and putting on the armour of God Almighty we too can resist temptation. Its not easy to resist, come on if it was I would still be a size 2 and have much more to show for my money earned. But by praying for Gods strength, wisdom and power we too can fast in the wilderness for 40 days and trust only in Gods word.

Friday, November 5, 2010

God is good.

You know its one thing to know that God is good but its a whole different ball game when you KNOW God is good! Our church is doing the "cardboard testimonies for Thanksgiving. When they were talking about this I was thinking "Wow this sounds very interesting but I don't really have a testimony." Well the past few weeks the Lord has been reminding that I do. I've sold myself the whitewashed version for so long that I forget the dirty truth. I realize now that this is not only a disservice to me but I'm forsaking God by doing that. For so long I was content to live with, I was saved as a young girl. My parents divorced and we drifted away from the church. When I was older I went with friends here and there. When I met Dean I started going to church with him and as I have gotten older I have renewed my relationship with God and here I am.

Well all of that is true but by not acknowledging the struggles in between I'm not giving God His glory. Let me tell you here and now He has a LOT of glory coming to Him. As I think back I am amazed that I'm not so many things, married to an abusive husband, an alcoholic, drug addict, abusive parent, the list goes on. How I'm not completely screwed up would be beyond me if I didn't know that its only by the love of my God and his grace that I'm not. (those of you thinking "Wait does she think she's normal?" hush! I'll deal with you later!)
As an adult I can see my past with grown up eyes. As a walking with Jesus christian I can see it through His eyes. I can't regret or hate my past, with out it I wouldn't be where I am right now and let me say I love it here. Had things changed I wouldn't have my husband (who I know God created especially for me) or my children. I don't hate those that have hurt me. I pity them and pray for them. I feel so very sorry for them because they still don't have the trust and strength and peace in having a personal relationship with Jesus. I don't know if they are truly saved, they say yes but who knows besides them and the Lord. I do know they don't have a personal walk with Him.
As an adult I can see what happened in black and white. I know why they did the things they did. I read an article by Julie Clinton about forgiveness a while back. She said that forgiving isn't forgetting. Its not possible for us as humans to forget the wrongs done to us but we do have to forgive them. That doesn't mean not having feelings about those things or letting those people freely hurt you again. It means knowing, understanding, letting the blame go and trusting that God has it all under control. I still get angry about the things that happened in my life but in an abstract kinda way. Its my life, the one God blessed me with I can't change the past. I can accept it see it for what it is and give God the glory He deserves for delivering me from it. He strengthens me. I know that I am so blessed. God guided me through choices that saved me and brought me here. There are so many who haven't accepted his strength and are still struggling with their abuse. Let me just say its not easy, its not clean, and its not painless but if you will simply let it out and give it wholly to God he will pick you up, wash you off and heal you. Then you can have all you need through Him.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Camping Adventure

This weekend was the family camp for Boy Scouts at Lake Ochee. Our family and about 200 of our closet friends decided to head out an "rough it"! Now when we camp we do anything but rough it. We take our tents, air mattress,(I don't sleep on the ground) heater, very comfy chairs and of course stoves and grills. Life was so rough for us that Dean had to eat steak and eggs for breakfast one morning, and cherry cobbler for dessert. Ladies encase you didn't know this is the weekend the men usually do the cooking!

Here's a couple of shots of our set ups and Adam trying to get his
morning jolt of caffeine

Notice the little building behind Susan? That is the bathroom or latrine actually with a trough type sink. Don't worry I found REAL bathrooms with flushing toilets and hot water! Its a camp secret that they don't tell you!

Brylee is taking it easy while Adam works on breakfast.

Dean and Brylee are enjoying a afternoon nap! They had a busy day of leather stamping, fishing, hiking around and of course pumpkin carving!

Parker working on his master piece!

Zack and Wesley worked hard on their pumpkins while Jenna was thinking about her design. Even Lottie joined in on the fun!

Susan, Chase and Jackson getting ready to work on their pumpkins.

Jackson picked out the headless horseman for his design, then left it for Susan to do. Being the great friend that I am I stayed behind and helped her finish.(Don't worry I didn't all of a sudden become nice I figure this was worth at least one or two sleep overs!) Let me tell you this had to be the hardest stinking thing we did all weekend! I simply love Jug (Jackson) but after working for about an hour WITH a broken knife on this stupid thing he was not my favorite little boy! (just kidding I still adore him) Susan and I both carved with a sad little broken knife( we wrapped the broken part in paper to hold it) but when it was finished it was very cool!

Trick or Treat! Brylee is a fan of both.

All in all we had a great weekend. I use to think that some people just weren't cut out for camping then I heard someone make the comment that if you don't like camping its because you've never been. Well I like his outlook! I have a dear friend that thinks camping is living like homeless people. Well just let me say I don't know any homeless who live like this! Yes its a lot of hard work, the packing, preparing, setting up, breaking down, unpacking and washing, but its more fun. Its good friends, great memories and things my children will remember for a lifetime. This isn't about me and the work that I do to go camping, its about my children and the memories they are making.

When I was a little girl we took Disney vacations and all of that kind of stuff but my best memories are camping with my family. Whether it was the beach, river or lake we always had a great time. No rush, crowd or time schedules to keep. No one worried about how much money we have spent, just good clean unplugged fun! It was family time at its best.
Now camping might not be for everyone but I think everyone should at least try it once in their lifetime. How do you know you don't like it if you don't try it? Isn't that what we tell our children! Besides if you don't like it well then you did something wrong! Give me a call and we'll go camping the right way.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Cake Pops!!

Everybody that knows me(and likes me anyway!) knows I'm a cupcake kinda girl. I love cupcakes. They're perfect, just the right amount of cake with a LOAD of icing. (the cake is just there to hold up the icing) You eat them with your hands, no need for a fork or plate and they're just so stinking pretty! Well I found another love to add to my kitchen. The Cake Pop.

The other day at a birthday party a friend of mine tells me of this great new thing that's all over the place... Cake Pops. Its cake on a stick. I'm thinking wow this sounds very cool. I mean how can you go wrong, everything is great on a stick. Why not cake too? So I come home look it up and try it. Well the cake pop is not what it seems. It looks easy and it pretty much is BUT whoa its a lot of work! More time consuming than anything. This was my first go around with them and I will definitely do it again, just only for special occasions! I think though that its worth it! They taste soo yummy and are so so so cute!
For those of you who are thinking " They kinda look like oranges?" Shut up! They're pumpkins darn it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peer Presure!

I have been neglecting my blog because, well I'm just not a devoted blogger yet! I was peer presured in to starting this thing by someone whom I won't name. I will say that she is the Childrens Minister at HBC and is married to our preacher! You would think a good christian woman such as herself wouldn't peer presure unsuspecting time depreived people such as myself but you would be wrong! I'm still trying to figure out how to keep this thing up! Between all three kids, school, cheerleading, dance, boyscouts, dinner and laudry its crazy! If you look you will notice the last time I updated this stupid thing was in FEBRUARY! Sad I know but there you go. Now my peer presure'er she has all the time in the world! Just kidding! The woman must have some serious time management skills! I think she stays busier than I do.
Now all joking aside I love her dearly and I'm going to try to be a better blogger just for her! Sara when my kids come to Kids Klub hungry its because I blogged instead of cooking dinner. Oh and please nobody say a thing about their dirty clothes! Thanks I knew I could count on you guys. Just so you all understand I will NOT put my reading aside though. The house can go to pot and dishes can pile up in the sink but I have to keep up on my reading!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Relay For Life

Our school Molino Park Elementary is a proud supporter of Relay for Life. Today is tacky day and each student pays $1.00 to dress up as tacky as they wish! They also had a contest between the teachers to see who could be the tackiest! I feel so blessed to be a part of a school who does so much for others. Relay for Life is very near and dear to our hearts at Molino Park one of our own lost a child to cancer and another fights her battle still.
Jenna and Parker were so excited to see how tacky they could be! Parker loves being the class clown!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seed, Bud or Flower?

My Daughter came to me today with this story. It brought tears to my eyes and joy in my heart.

Are you Jesus's flower

By Jenna Hassebrock

Are you a seed, a bud or a flower? When I was outside on my roller skates I noticed a big group of seeds, buds, and flowers. then I thought for a moment, Jesus was peaking to my heart. The flowers remind me of Christians. They were grown and beautiful like us. They have accepted Jesus into their hearts and have turned out gorgeous. The buds reminded me of people who are about to be Christians. They are so close to becoming Christians. Soon they will be gorgeous flowers. The seed reminded me of people or kids who just started learning about our Savior. They might need a little time to do that, but I think God will give them as much time as they need. God can tell everyone of us apart. he loves every seed, bud and flower. "You" are very special to Him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010